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Sustainable Business Strategy: Analysis, Choice and Implementation


The book was published on 4 April 2022. This website supports the book in a number of ways:

  • powerpoint lecture slides
  • solutions to questions posed in the text (at the end of each chapter)
  • additional case studies for tutors and students
  • seminar activities (used by the author)
  • seminar activity ideas
  • direct links to video/audio sources such as podcasts, Youtube videos and other audio-visual media
  • background to institutions referenced in the book; for example, the UN, WTO, OECD
  • additional contributions from key thinkers referenced in the book; for example, Kate Raworth (Doughnut economics), Alice Bell (history of climate change), Jason Hickel (degrowth), Diane Coyle (GDP), Yanis Varoufakis (transition), Dani Rodrik (trade), Peter Dicken (trade/globalization), Jane Gleeson-White (six capitals), Marianna Mazzucato (the Entrepreneurial State), Tim Lang (food), etc.
  • independent forum for teachers/tutors to provide comments on materials and challenges associated with teaching business strategy against the backdrop of climate change and SDGs more generally.

Please note that this website is constantly work-in-progress. Chapter content is being updated regularly – please visit regularly or subscribe. I am a sole author and full-time lecturer; hence I do not have sufficient time to update as much as I would like. Those in a similar position will understand the pressures of academic life and the diffusion of ideas.

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Rationale for the book

I have written this book out of need. Whilst there are excellent existing texts – many of which I have used in my 10 years’ of teaching strategy to bachelor students – climate has always been an “add-on”. This book starts with climate and considers how all of the tools that we know and are familiar with can themselves be adapted to these extraordinary times. It is deliberately concise. What do students really need to know? What fits into a business degree module?

The text, however, asks students to embrace complexity. Climate is complex. So is business strategy. Students who want to be strategists in the 21st century will need to embrace and enjoy complexity. We can think of it this way, climate change is an opportunity to reconfigure economies and businesses. Such is the prize. And a future, too, that will elude future generations that do not embrace it.

I had the privilege of discussing the book with a colleague, Asher Rospigliosi. With him, I was able to explore key concepts relating to particular chapters. Clips from this exchange can be found in content for most chapters. By way of a taster:

Help to Grow

I recently ran a session with the excellent Laura Gelder-Robertson for the University of Brighton’s Help-to-Grow programme. See my LinkedIn report.

University of Middlesex – SDG Lunch

On 13 February I facilitated a discussion on how to embed the UN SDGs in teaching and organisation. See my LinkedIn report.

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