In the news

There is a bit of talk this morning about Innocent Drinks and the advertisement suggesting – disputed by the company – that their smoothies contribute to directly to saving the planet. Innocent Drinks is a B-Corp – a classification of firms committed to sustainability and social purpose. In this book, Sustainable Business Strategy, I have used both Innocent and B-Corps as exemplars. Whilst some may argue that I was wrong to embrace both Innocent (majority owned by CocaCola) and B-Corps more generally, the current spotlight actually demonstrates something positive for all of us. All firms misjudge things, even B-Corps. What B-Corps are bound to do is be transparent, answer for their approaches and correct things when they do not align with commitments. I am no apologist for Innocent, their advertising decisions, or B-Corps more generally, but I find the response from the company – reported in many media sources including the Guardian and the BBC – to be revealing. What they say about their sustainability programme generally is true and remains an aspiration for firms more generally.