Seminar activities

Chapter 4: Stakeholders and purpose: comparing and contrasting The John Lewis Partnership, BP and GSK

Chapter 6: Growth

Chapter 8: Internationalization/globalization

This is a big topic. Depending on the structure of the module, at least two teaching weeks should be given over to the topic. Some issues around internationalization can be covered in growth/diversification themed weeks. However, I offer four activities.

  1. I use the case of French Cakes to examine entry modes.

2. e-Waste and GPNs

I have always used the work of Peter Dicken. His book Global Shift is available through my university library and I ask my students to read Chapter 3 and Chapter 9 (7th edition, 2015). I then ask them to answer a series of questions:

3. regenerative business models

As business management students, I expect an understanding of business models. So, I then ask them to map the current business model for their smartphone (other products are available) and then try the same for a zero waste smartphone.

4. Rodrik’s Trilemma

Dani Rodrik is such an accessible economist of international trade. His trilemma is a great tool for developing an understanding of the relationship between states, citizens and free trade. Try the following (the solutions are on page 129 of my text):